Jim’s Window & Pressure Cleaning

Contact: Andrew Senior

Jim’s Window and Pressure Cleaning Sylvania can give you back your weekends so that you can spend your time doing what you enjoy and not labouring over cleaning duties!

Washing windows is one of those household chores that no-one really looks forward to and it is not a task which many people easily make time for. Yet windows cleaned professionally look fantastic and puts the finishing touch on your home. Cleaned windows can really give the appearance of your home, both inside and out, a boost by letting in more light and cutting down on energy costs in the winter.

Windows provide your own little picture boxes of the world. You sit at them to read by natural light, you watch your kids play outside and you place your plants next to them to grow. They bring warmth to your home in many ways. And in business a shining presence is absolutely essential!

Exterior cleaning can be a dirty and tiring task- that’s why I want to do it for you! I can clean out your overflowing gutters and pressure clean all the dirt and grime from your driveway, fences, paths, paving, decks, pergolas, walls and all other hard surfaces! Having a clean, bright and fresh exterior to any premises creates a great first impression for business customers, home buyers or just improves and freshens up the appearance of your home or office!

I have the safety and security of being fully trained and insured with a current police check accreditation, giving you the peace of mind to leave your home or business in my trusted care.

I also have a 100% guarantee on my work, so if you are not happy with it I will fix it!